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The Skogsröjet festival takes place on the 1-2th of Aug 2014.

The place for the festival is Rejmyre, located 40 kilometers from Norrköping.

The nearest big city you can get to by train is Norrköping. From Norrköping you take bus 410 and change to bus 416 at Vistinge, beetween Norrköping and Finspång. On you can plan your journey to Rejmyre.

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Camping and other forms of accomodation during the festival
We have a large camping site for both tents and caravans just a short walk from the festival area.
Anybody who wants to stay at the camping area needs a camping-ticket.
We are unable to offer electricity in the camping area.
We also have a family camping site, but if you want to stay there you have to register in advance.

Rules for camping.

  • No glass bottles are allowed in the area.

  • Grilling is only permitted within certain designated areas.

  • If you are going to use a tent you have to carry it from the parking area. Only caravans and campers are allowed in the camping area.

  • Skogsröjet follows the Fire department’s regulations for camping. That means there must be at least 3 m beetween each tent. There will be camping hosts who will ensure that everybody follows the rules. If you put up a tent less than 3 m from the next tent it will be moved. The Organizers request you to follow the 3 m rule.

  • You can buy breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday morning. Information regarding times and availability will be released later.

Please note:

As it can be very cold at night, we recommend you to have warm clothes with you.

Other accomondation facilities.

The festival can only offer camping for caravans and tent, but there are possibilities to stay overnight at other places.

Festival rules

  • Umbrellas are not permitted! You will need to use a raincoat or similar instead.

  • You are not allowed to bring professionell sound, video, or image recording equipment. This includes system-cameras.

  • Drugs, glass bottles, weapons and other things that contravene Swedish law are not allowed.

  • Animals are not allowed in the area.

  • You are not allowed to take alcohol into the festival area.

  • Do not bring spray cans, markers or other similar items to Skogsröjet.

If you break the rules it can lead to you having to leave the festival. You may even be reported to the police.
This also includes entering the area without ticket and bad behaviour towards other people.

Children up to 13 years of age have free entry if they come together with their parents.

Please note:
There are no cash machines in the village. You have to pay cash when you buy something in the festival area. Please make sure you have cash with you.

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